Janek Musek

What only can provide a solid ground for human civilisation? Research – based on values and ethical standards.

Personality, cognition and well-being
(2008 – 2011; head of project)

Optimal functioning and well-being is under increasing focus of the most recent research in psychology. Despite the great research efforts, the relationships between psychological wellness and the broad domains of personality and cognition variables have not been yet satisfactorily studies. This project is aimed to investigate thoroughly the relationships between essential dimensions of personality, cognition and well-being and to develop integral theoretical models concerning the hierarchical structures of all three domains and their connections. The special advantage of the project is the inclusion of the most general dimensions of personality (general factor of personality or the Big One) and well-being (general factor of well-being), being very recently discovered by the merits of the members of the project team.

The project will be accomplished by different research and data processing methods and techniques including the experimental and especially the multivariate studies and analyses (factor-, cluster-, and multidimensional scaling analyses, optimal scaling, SEM methods and analyses). All included psychological variables (in personality, cognition and well-being domain) will be measured by appropriate psychological measures that are psychometrically well-grounded (measures of personality dimensions, cognitive dimensions and styles, dimensions of values and dimensions of well-being). The results of the project will be published in the world leading journals dealing with personality, cognition and well-being (positive psychology). According to our expectations, the results of the project will have considerable impact for the scientific progress of psychology in its most recent improvements and will probably retain the importance for a period of time.

The project will be realized by the team of researchers that excel in the previous research of personality, cognitive psychology, positive psychology and well-being. By expectation, the project will include also the cooperation of young researcher.