Janek Musek

What only can provide a solid ground for human civilisation? Research – based on values and ethical standards.

Personality and self-concept in the frame of positive psychology
(2004 – 2007; head of the project)

The systematic research of positive aspects of human life has not been accomplished in psychology until recent times. It includes the components and factors of psychical wellness and health (good life, subjective well-being, life-satisfaction, positive affect, optimism, happiness, flow etc.). The entire universe of numerous variables adhering to domains of so-called positive psychology has never been thoroughly and comprehensively explained. The proposed research project is aimed therefore to investigate the multivariate space of positive psychology variables. It is programmed in order to establish the latent structure of dimensions of psychical wellness and health and, especially, to identify the position and role of some presumably crucial dimensions including the personality, self-concept and tendency for positive self-presentation. The research will embrace the variables that are important in the leading models of positive psychology. These variables will be analyzed by means of multivariate, correlational, experimental and quasi-experimental methods. The results of the research project will presumably contribute to the better theoretical explanation or model of the realm of psychical wellness/health. Finally, the research project could have also practical effects by stimulation of applied research and others activities promoting psychical wellness and health being so important for the progress of humanity.