Janek Musek

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Humor kot sestavina življenjskega smisla = [Humor as a constitutive part of the life sense]. V: REHAR, Viktorija (ur.). Humor in zdravje : [zbornik] = Humor and health : [proceedings]. Celje: Društvo za promocijo in vzgojo za zdravje Slovenije, 1997, str. 57-65. [COBISS.SI-ID 7334617]

Starting from the three-dimensional model of personality we can conceive the human personality as a holistic entity being determined by physical, psychosocial and spiritual level of functioning. An integral comprehension of the personality inevitably included the spiritual dimension comprised of ideas, goals and values. This dimension could be most appropriately represented by human capacity of achieving the full meaning of the life which is according to some psychological and anthropological theoriesone of the most basic motivational force. In general, the sense or themeaning of the life could be defined as an experience of identifying a positive meaning and perspective in individual's long-term as well as daily existence. On the other side, humor could be regarded as an important psychological mechanism which enables us to experience the life events from the positive point of view. This could be accomplished by two ways: first, the humor alleviates the negative impacts of the stress, and second, it makes the transcendence of current situation more easy and promising. Therefore, humor can be logically associated with the meaning of the life in the sense that it can detach us emotionally and spiritually from the restrictions and problems of immediate reality rendering thus our life more positive and meaningful.