Janek Musek

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Duhovna kriza, vrednote in psihologija. Psihološka obzorja, ISSN 1318-1874. [Tiskana izd.], december 1993, vol. 2, št. 3/4, str. 123-141. [COBISS.SI-ID 340317]

Nowadays, the crisis of values and the moral crisis of humanity are quite commonly used terms. Novertheless, the moral crisis and the crisis of values have been encountered in past times also and maybe the most accurate observation could be expressed by the statement that each human generation lives and deals with its own crisis in a specific way. What has psychology to say about our contemporaneous crisis of values, of morality and of the spiritual state of mankind? The analysis of the conceptions of moral and valuecrisis compels us to distinguish more clearly between different events concerning the values, like the vacuum of values, the confusion of values and the conflict of values. In many respects the crisis of values appears prevalently in the form of confusion and conflict in the value systems. Psychology could clarify many puzzling phenomena inplicated in the relationship between our values and our bahavior. Many aspects of the sometimes astonishing gap extending between the values and the factual behavior could be explained by psychological factors. Psychological discoveries revealing the inner structure of individual values and the developmental hierarchy of values could help us to overcome better the permanent human crisis regarding our valuing, moral and personal conduct. By following the natural development of value orientation, a human being could succesfully cope with moral and other personal problems.