Janek Musek

The rise of loving, competent and responsible personality is the ultimate goal of education.

Many courses and lectures in different universities, faculties and departments (mainly in the University of Ljubljana, Philosophical Faculty, Department of Psychology). Courses and lectures include introduction to psychology, personality, differential psychology, motivation and emotion, cognitive psychology, media psychology and history of psychology.

Executed several functions and positions in the universities, including the following: head of Department of psychology (Philosophical Faculty, University of Ljubljana, 1980-1982), vice-dean of Faculty of Arts and Sciences (or Philosophical Faculty, 1984-1986), vice-rector of the University of Ljubljana (1996-1998).

Intensive engagement in the role of educational mentor or supervisor for the students (37 doctoral dissertations, 50 master’s theses and 147 undergraduate theses in the period till 2017).

Major university courses

Major university textbooks

Major secondary school textbooks

Mentorships, Supervisions