Janek Musek

12 chapters dealing with the most important topics of human life.

Psychology of life

No. of pages: 585

Language: Slovenian

Scientific monograph published in Slovenian language (585 pages). Contains the theoretical bases and results of author’s empirical research focused on personality, individual differences, cognitive abilities, intelligence, wellbeing, happiness, mental health, stress, coping, burnout, self-concept, self-esteem, partnership, love, decision making, values, successful life and wisdom. The book encompasses 12 chapters divided into three parts: Personality and individual differences (Individual and group differences, Basic dimensions of personality, General factor of personality, Abilities and intellect); Wellbeing and mental health (Happiness and quality of life, Mental health, Coping, stress and burnout); The society of welfare and wisdom (Self-concept and self-esteem, Partnership and love, Decision making, Values, Successful life and wisdom).